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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> an officer attempting to question a man ends up at shock trauma after the suspect opened fire. good evening. it all unfolded around 2:00 this morning when police received a call about a possible armed person. the officer was rushed to shock
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trauma for emergency surgery and that's where our reporter is. we have the latest on this. >> well, the police department has not released the officer's name but they have said that they think he's going to be ok. he was supposed to be released from shock trauma sometime between this afternoon and early this evening. now the suspect involved in this shooting is also here at shock trauma. officials say that he is listed in critical condition. this all went down a little after 1:00 this morning on calvert near baltimore street and downtown. police were patrolling the jr. as the bars were closing for the -- as the bars were closing for the night. that's when the police officer went up to man who looked like he was armed. when he went to try to question him, the gunman pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the upper chest. there were police nearby who pursued the suspect on foot around for about a block and both parties fired their guns. officials say the suspect took off in a car with two other people. >> the suspect later was found
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at mercy medical center suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and has since been transported here to shock trauma for additional treatment. i understand that he's in serious condition. >> officials say that two people are in police custody and being questioned by homicide detectives for their involvement in this morning's shooting. the suspect has been arrested but has not been formally charged. i'll have much more on this story tonight at 11:00. that's the latest from downtown. >> all right, thank you. meantime, city police are investigating a deadly shooting in east baltimore. we're told an unidentified man was shot around 4:30 this morning in the 2400 block of ashland avenue. no word on a suspect or possible motive and an update now to a shooting in west baltimore. police say a 20-year-old man was shot five times happening in the 2100 block of cliffton
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avenue around 7:00. he was taken to a nearby hospital. again no, word on a suspect or possible motive. a 23-year-old man is in police custody this evening following a triple shooting in anrundle county. james jones was arrested friday night after shots were fired outside the my place bar and lounge in odenton. the man had been shot in the head, back and stomach two other victims were found inside them. had been hit by stray bullets. jones faces a multiple charges. baltimore police are searching for a man responsible for an armed robbery in aer to stoy. the man pulled out a gun in the toy store. it is unclear what he got away with as he took off toward the movie theater no one is injured. if you have any information should call the police. several homes were damaged after flames broke out in southwest baltimore. firefighters were called to the 400 block of north bend road
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around 2:30 this afternoon. it took crews about a half an hour to bring the fire under control. no one is injured and it's unclear if any families were displaced. federal investigators say the public was never in danger last night in portland, oregon. a would-be terrorist allegedly tried to detonate a car bomb at a crowded holiday celebration. authorities say the bomb was not real and did not pose a threat. unlike the suspect. >> two, one -- >> thousands of smiling faces jammed portland's pioneer courthouse square friday evening, unaware they were the intended targets of a massive car bombing. federal officials say 19-year-old muhammad muhammad was committed to carrying out an attack on a grand scale. but when he used his cell phone to set off the device, all it triggered was his arrest. >> device was fake. it looked real, it was meant to be so the the suspect believed
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it was a real device. >> court documents show the sting had been months in the making. but muhammad told undercover investigators he'd been think being a violent jihad since he was 15 years old. he allegedly chose this event because it would be crowded with families. >> individual that was arrested said in the affidavit that he chose portland because it is exactly the kind of place where this stuff doesn't happen. >> the bomb wasn't real but investigators say homicide's intentions were. in one chilling statement he is recorded saying, i want whoever is attending that event to leave either dead or injured. >> in just a few hours, the u.s. and south korea will begin military exercises following an attack from north korea earlier this week. north koreans are outraged by the exersice and have threatened to retaliate with a sea of fire. today both south korean ma rinse killed during tuesday's
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attacks were laid to rest as their military commander vowed to retaliate. the island claims the u.s. ork traited -- orchestrated the attack to use the sea for military training exercises. the 5-year-old son of a pennsylvania officer is dead after he excellently is -- accidentally shot himself in the head with his father's gun. neighbors say they heard a gunshot around noon on friday. the boy was apparently trying to pull the gun from a closet when it went off. the father was offduty at the time and police are investigating why the weapon was loaded. still ahead tonight, how one mother is raising awareness about drunk driving. plus, tis the season to shop. black friday numbers are in. they're starting to roll in. we'll take a look. but first, emotional moments for a family packing a christmas tree for a loved one overseas. a look at the annual event straight ahead. >> a dry day today but it was windy with those cold temperatures only in the 40's, it felt like the 30's. what's going to happen the rest of the weekend? details in the forecast coming
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>> a winter wonderland is taking over the fairgrounds this weekend. it is the 2010 festival of trees with more than 600 deck trait -- decorated trees and gingerbread houses, a train garden, crafts and games. this event is the largest holiday event on the entire east coast. doors to the fairyland open again tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. dozens of people gathered this afternoon to pack christmas trees for troops overseas. it is the fifth year for operation christmas tree. the two-foot trees are decorated and cost about $25 each. they'll be shipped on monday and will arrive to troops within three weeks. we caught up with some family members who were able to pack a tree for their nephew. >> we were writing labels, address labels, and the last one that i had to do was our
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nephew who is over in afghanistan. so we consider it a miracle. and just thrilled to be able to do this today. >> we made it a goal since we started that it's not going to stop until the guys come home. >> a long way. >> this year operation christmas tree met its goal of 2,000 trees. many of you break out the holiday decorations after thanksgiving and we want to see how festive you are here are some of the best photos we received last year. more than 15,000 lights thon display. even mickey mouse got in the act to help santa in some great decorations. simple like this little -- what is that? >> a cute tree. >> a cute tree. you can upload your photos on the cute page at >> teddy santa. >> thank you. if you decided to stay home on black friday and take advantage of sales on the web, you weren't alone. online merchants saw 16% spike on black friday with the
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average shopper spending $190. that's up from 12% from last year, spurring optimism for the rest of the holiday shopping season. a local student is being remembered today just one year after losing his life in a drunk driving accident. steven dankos' mother started a nonprofit organization for him and today raised money through a 5-k run. his mother hopes to use the organization to highlight the dangers of drinking and driving. congratulations to them . that looked like it was a lovely event there. >> very good. more college football today. curious to see how maryland would respond give whan happened last year when they lost their chance to get to the a.c.c. championship. they responded well. more on that straight ahead. >> wow. >> well, even though there were some lake effect snow showers and flurries off the great lakes just north of us, much more potent storm is off to the west. we'll take a look at that with the forecast in just a minute. the meeters are spinning on
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34th street right now. there's the view. live. it's a beautiful sight. 38 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. 42 downtown.
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>> now your weather forecast. >> here's the view of the miracle on 34th street. just down the road from tv hill. all those lights. what a beautiful sight. it's great that a neighborhood can come together like this and produce this beautiful sight. it's become a tradition down there. that's something to see. some time this holiday season before christmas, i guess it keeps going until at least the new year or something, but it just lit up tonight. so we're really getting in the christmas spirit with all this. the temperature's beginning to cooperate because it's beginning to feel winter-like out there. it was more winter-like north of us today where they had some of these lake effect snows as wind blue a-- blew across the great lakes. the last few frames of this radar, the areas of the lake effect snow are beginning to shrink a little bit.
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and the clouds that were in here earlier today, we had some scattered clouds, they've kind of dried up, too. the atmosphere is really dry. so we're going for a clear evening this evening and these snows are dissipated. all right, let's take a look at what happened during the day today. 46 for the high at the airport. more typical is 52. a little below the average. the morning low is 35. by midnight we might be a little chillier than that. the temperature at annapolis and east, 41 degrees. 40, edgewood. 41, ridgely. 36 westminster and it's already down to 25 oat outh at oakland out to the west. satellite picture nationwide, stormy weather out in the west half of the country. but the eastern part of the country, big area of high pressure, with the exerpgs of the lake snows, some pretty good weather here in the east except for that cold air coming out of canada. the forecast tonight is a cold one. 25 to 30 for the low with clear skies, light northwest winds and these temperatures are below the average for the season. the low is right down around freezing or 30 degrees or so.
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we're going to be just below that. the map tomorrow, well, that high pressure still with us. very dry air. so we do stay chilly. we're on the cold side of the high but at least we're not expecting any rain or sno snow. out to the west the weather is going to be rather settled tomorrow. tomorrow's forecast, sunny, unseasonably chilly weather continues with highs in the mid to upper 40's. west to northwest winds at five to 10 miles per hour. not as windy as today. wind gusts today were 31 here on tv hill. 38 for the strongest gust at the arpte this afternoon. -- at the airport this afternoon. travel weather, getting back home? sunny skies in the east and almost 2/3 of the country. once you hit the rocky mountains and the mountains up in montana and around yellowstone park and down toward arizona and new mexico, there's going to be on again-off again snow throughout the west and even along the coastal areas of oregon, higher elevations get snore san antonio and the coastal areas get rain. if you're traveling toward salt
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lake or beyondden, you might run into some travel delays. the dry conditions that we're going to experience right through monday, but the minute we get into tuesday we start seeing moisture coming in and that brings a chance of rain. but our football game tomorrow, the ravens-tampa game, sunny, chilly, mid to upper 40's to start the game but the temperatures will be falling during the game. so 47 tomorrow, dry. 50, dry on monday. but monday night, tuesday into wednesday, rain chances. with relatively mild temperatures in the 50's. once that storm goes through, we get chilly again, but at least it will be dry. thursday, friday and saturday. >> now, 11 sports. >> the last chance toimpress the bowl committees also comes with the benefits. maryland would take special pride in that game.
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not excited about this as it got colder. even early on, watching state have its way. wilson, 13 yards to spencer. wolf pack opened up a 14-0 lead. second quarter, maryland's d stops and adams makes it worth the while. 14-7, pack. pack offense knocked off its axis. wilson to mustafa. clean hit, they flagged it anyway. so hard they assumed it was illegal. but the damage done mentally, at least for a while. wilson picked by franklin. he returns it 26 yards within the 5 and that set up o'brien. after going backward on a couple of plays they go forward indeed. smith tied the game at 14-14. right now in the third quarter, maryland with a 17-point lead, 24-17. michigan and ohio state today in columbus. on the road for the only saving grace for the wolverines . that guy certainly liked this. o.s.u. dominating. short pass to posey. 33 yards for the touchdown. 24-7.
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buckeyes. third quarter, daniel heron, right up the middle, barely touched. he is gone. 37-7 the final. a share of the big ten title. michigan outscored when playing o.s.u., 100-24. quick trip to last night for an unreal game and an unreal rend ending in this o. boise state. moore, the bomb finds it to young. time-out called with one second left. a 26-yard field goal needed to win it. wide right. overtime. can't believe it, can boise state. still in the hunt for a national title. broadman, wide left. boesched another one. oh, my goodness. nevada's chance, meanwhile, it is perfect. anthony martinez this one right through the uprights. the freshman gets it done. boise state knocked out of national championship contention 34-31.
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high school football today, last day of the playoffs before only championship games remain. dunbar and fourth quarter hill trying to join -- and f forth hill. a band almost as big as its town. a rocking officer -- atmosphere. first quarter, dunbar's ashton. great grab. two-point conversion good. 8-0poets. second quarter, fourth and one. the sentinel goes for it. a very good idea. clay up the middle, he breaks free and goes the distance. 59 yards, 8-6 dunbar at the half. third quarter, enrick ezz, look at this great -- enriquez, 353 yards he goes. he would recover down at 10 yine. the next play, holet, 10 yards out, in for the score, 14-6, dunbar with the lead. late third, another fourth down
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for ft. hill. clay to doudy. 32 yards, tied at 14-14. comes down to this. dunbar's charlie brown, somehow finds his way to the end zone. dunbar wins 20-14, advances to that championship game once again. and a 4-a semifinal broad neck went on the road losing. great season for the bruins, comes up one game short. nfl commissioner focused on the labor negotiations broken today as he lorded over a pair of fines for illegal videotapes by a time. not by the patriots, but a former patriot. josh mcdaniels and theden broncos fined $50,000 each because their head of videotapes taped the 49ers' walk through in london when they played. denver fined for the arks of
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its employee -- for the action of its employee. please stay with us. 11 news continues right after this. [ rowe ] mike rowe here, no no up here, there you go.
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>> here's a look now al at some of the stories we're working on for 11:00 news tonight. the latest on a shot police officer and the investigation. plus it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. the annual street lighting has kicked off. we'll have those stories and much more when we see
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>> well, i hope you're happy. >> well. it's like they flipped a switch. >> they sure did. >> you notice you a the purple lights? >> connects everything here. >> chilly tomorrow for the game starting at 4:15. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40's and tumble. but at least there's no rain or snow. there is rain in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. we'll have a cold day tomorrow and then temperatures come up a little bit while that rain's here and then drop off after that rain leaves. >> coldest game so far for sure. >> tampa's coming here so that's probably good for baltimore. >> see you tonight.ou
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